Apr 012021

At some stage in your life you may have come across one of these 2 bestselling books on Transactional Analysis

According to Transactional Analysis, communication breakdowns happen because we’re not fully present in our conversations.

Instead of responding in the here and now, we’re communicating from different “ego states”. And when these ego states are crossed, conflict happens.

Transactional Analysis (TA) is a psychological theory, developed by Eric Berne, that helps explain why we think, act and feel the way we do.

TA claims that we can better understand ourselves by analysing our transactions with the people closest to us.

TA’s essential philosophy is that all people are okay, all people can think, and all people can change. And the purpose of TA is for us to grow towards achieving real autonomy which is brought about by the discovery/recovery of three human capacities, awareness, spontaneity, and intimacy.

Awareness is defined as the capacity to use all the senses in the here and now; Spontaneity is the capacity to choose from a full range of options of feeling, thinking and behaving, and Intimacy is defined as the open sharing of one’s feelings and wants – it is the unencumbered expression of the natural child feelings of warmth, tenderness and closeness to others.

Marguerite Sacco is a specialist in TA. Here is her CV:

“I am a Certified Organisational Transactional Analyst (CTA)(O), Accredited Facilitator, Coach and Appreciative Inquiry facilitator. I achieved my CTA in 2009 under the supervision of Colin Brett, and the European Association for Transactional Analysis (EATA). I also hold a degree with double-major in Industrial Psychology and Industrial Sociology, as well as Specialist Certificates in Training Management (IPM) and Strategic Human Resources Management (UCT). I am a South African registered Assessor and Moderator.”

I am offering this course online, in 10 sessions, at a reduced fee of R65 per workshop. That is R650 for the full course. (Covid concessions are granted on request.)

Dates and Times:

These sessions run from 6pm – 8pm on Thursday evenings starting on Thursday 15 April 2021 to Thursday 17 June 2021.


  • The official TA 101 course, delivered live online;
  • PDF TA 101 Handbook;
  • PDF slide notes;
  • PDF ITAA TA 101 Verification Certificate;
  • Participants qualify to apply for membership with the International and South African Transactional Analysis Associations;
  • The course is delivered by a Certified Transactional Analyst and is officially recognised by the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA).

Email Marguerite at

saccoconsulting@gmail.com  to book your place!



This course is the officially recognised introductory course in TA, covering the international syllabus and including the following concepts:

  • Understanding personality and behaviour
  • Communication skills – Transactions
  • Interpersonal recognition – Strokes
  • Understanding and addressing relationship patterns – Games
  • Using and misusing feelings – Rackets
  • The unconscious foundation of life patterns – Scripts


  • Participants will need an internet connection good enough for video
  • Participants will need to download and install ZOOM – get it here: www.zoom.us/download
  • Your computer will need sound, a microphone and a webcam (use of headphones / earphones is preferable from a sound quality perspective)
  • You can use a smartphone or tablet device (but a smaller screen will limit your visibility of the presentation slides and the other participants)
  • The sessions are interactive between the presenter and all the participants


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