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A page for TA training by certified transactional analysts- workshops run by accredited trainers (TA 101 instructors, PTSTAs, TSTAs). E.g. official TA 101, training groups that are ongoing.

Karen Pratt TSTA- E

TA 101

This is the official introduction to TA and carries the IBOC certificate.

Dates: March 2022 and August 2022

This course carries 12 CCE units from the ICF (All Core Competencies)

TA 202

This is a stand alone 2 day workshop entitled: Making new meaning – Noticing liminal moments as opportunities for change. Having attended a TA 101 is a prerequisite.

Dates: June 2022

This course carries 12 CCE units from the ICF (11 Core Competencies and 1 Resource Development)

Foundation Group 1

This is a closed group that meets once a month for a full day between January and December 2022. It deepens the TA 101 concepts for the next level of integration and self awareness.

This course carries 69 CCE units from the ICF (46 Core Competencies and 23 Resource Development)

Advanced Educational TA group

This is a closed group that meets once a month for a full day between January and December 2022. It is a multi-level group with trainees who have completed a foundational year or two of TA and have decided to focus on the application within the educational field of TA.

All groups run online using Zoom and are highly interactive. Participants are usually from a wide spread of different countries leading to exciting learning.

For more details see: https://www.tamatters.co.za/workshops-and-ta-training/

CTA exam group

This group has advanced trainees who are preparing for their CTA exam in the Educational field.

We meet for a few hours each month and the agenda is co-created each timer to meet the needs of the group

Sharon Kalinko TSTA – P

TA 303 Advanced Ongoing Training

Who is this for?
Psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors and coaches who have completed a TA 101 and TA 202 course or other advanced TA programmes. People seeking advanced training hours as part of a TA Examination requirement with a TSTA (P).

Monthly on a Monday evening from 6 – 8 pm South African time.

On Zoom conference call.

R350.00  OR  £20.00 (for UK participants).  Participants pay only for the sessions that they attend and attend only the sessions in which they have an interest.  This is payable into my bank account immediately after the session. (details available on registration).

This varies from month to month as it is not a set course.  The material covered consists of TA Journal articles and the integration of other modalities into TA that are of current interest to practitioners. These are sometimes practical and experiential and at other times, philosophical or theoretical and take the form of a discussion group which is very interactive.

This takes place via a WhatsApp group on which the dates of sessions as well as the topics for discussion are placed.  Participants use this to also indicate whether they will attend or not and where they can also have discussion and share material of interest to the group.

MA Couns. Psych., TSTA (P), Registered Counselling Psychologist (HPCSA), Psychotherapist (UKCP, HCPC, BPS)

Please contact me via email on: sharonkalinko@gmail.com

Marguerite Sacco PTSTA- Org


The official Introduction to Transactional Analysis

The dates for January 2022 are as follows: 

Monday Mornings from 8am to 10am South African Standard Time (SAST) 

17 Jan, 24 Jan, 31 Jan, 07 Feb, 14 Feb, 21 Feb, 28 Feb, 07 Mar, 14 Mar, 21 Mar, 28 Mar, 04 Apr


The course is delivered by a Certified Transactional Analyst and is officially recognised by the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA).


The official TA 101 course delivered live online.

PDF TA 101 Handbook.

PDF slide notes.

PDF ITAA TA 101 Verification Certificate.

Click here to book: https://qkt.io/KllRI0 

Connect with Marguerite here:




Project TA 101 – Personal Tools for Social Transformation

A long term dream to make TA accessible across the globe has resulted in the United States of America Transactional Analysis Association (USATAA) recording a live TA 101 at the 2019 Raleigh Conference. It is now online and free to everyone to listen to the modules in their own time.

Four distinguished trainers share their experience and wisdom in the training:

Vann Joines, Valerie Batts, Felipe Garcia and the late Graham Barnes.

There are videos, a learning guide and a Facebook discussion group to support the learning. The program does not include a TA 101 certificate – this will be awarded on the successful completion of the TA 101 written exam marked by an officially recognised 101 instructor or (P)TSTA

See here for the details and access to the learning