Jul 012015

Equipping for Change in an ever Evolving Planet
by Wayne Singh

The pace at which an organisation is able to evolve itself is highly dependent upon the people within that organisation’s ability to cope with change. Change is inevitable given that we live and operate within an ever changing world.

Our world at every level is changing fast, the mountains that govern society including Education, Arts, Business, Commerce, Politics and medicine are all rapidly changing and religion is certainly not immune. As people evolve, so too are our needs and requirements and as a lead minister of a local church leading people that functions in all facets of society at various levels,  I have recognised and identified the critical importance of changing the ‘old normal’ way of doing church. Without doubt, church as we have all become accustomed too is changing so fast that the pace is only going to increase and sadly many are going to be casualties of remaining static.

Enter ‘Transactional Analysis 101’ and here we have been introduced to a practical programme that possesses powerful tools that when placed into the stewardship of organisational leaders can provide a wonderful platform for developing emotional intelligence within the leaders individually as well as within the group collectively. The result of course is that when we are able to enhance and support the evolution of the leaders, we ultimately navigate the rudder and engine of the entire organisation which would build resilience in the ever changing world of Church and religion as well as foster team work at a more productive level than without having proven tools.

Having been introduced to parts of TA 101 during a Coaching Programme I was part of in 2014, I immediately recognised the value of being exposed with our church leaders would bring to our organisation and team dynamics. I contacted the facilitator Karen Pratt and we put together the TA 101 dates for February 2015 and the programme assisted our organisation with meaningful team building dynamics in a structured yet easy going environment where people were able to interact and express themselves with tremendous freedom. Of course the creative potential of the group surfaced in ways that has started too and will continue to drive us forward as a collective.  I certainly recommend this programme to all organisations that seek to build capacity for evolving and with great certainty I believe that church and other religious organisations can only benefit.

Our new tools learned in the TA 101 format to name a few:, Ego States, Theory of Communication and Theory of Patterns are being worked at a slower pace than we would prefer however it is a work well in progress and has set us firmly equipped on the highway of change to meet the ever increasing demands of the changing societies we serve.

Wayne Singh is lead Minister of Winners Faith Centre a Church based in Cape Town committed to empowering aspiration and vision with practical approaches from The Word of God.

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