Celebrating Karen Pratt as a TSTA

It is always wonderful to see when a local TA person achieves the next level within the Transactional Analysts’ community – we are so happy for our SATAA chairperson Karen Pratt who passed her TSTA (E)! Well done Karen – from doing your TA 101 in 2001 to our CTA in 2008, then doing a […]

Exciting new webinar project in 2017 and 2018

In November, we hosted our first webinar. Initially intended to be for our SA community. We ended up having participants from South Africa, India and Romania, which was wonderful! And there is more: we will host a monthly webinar in 2017, with trainers from different corners of the world.

Update on the CoachActivism Project

In July this year, Karen Pratt gave us an outlook of her involvement in the Coach Activism Project – a response to the refugee crisis in Europe – which was about to start at that time. She has been involved for a couple of months now and is sharing her experience and insights with us.

SATAA in 2016 – an overview

It has been an interesting year for us at at the SATAA, from hosting events, publishing articles, co-hosting the TIFF qualification to organising our first webinar. Here is what we have been up to, and what has been happening in our community. If we have missed anything, let us know!

Invitation to SATAA 2017 AGM

The time of year has come again where we meet for our Annual General Meeting. If you would like to become a more active member of our community, or if you would like to find out more about the SATAA, join us for an evening of information, discussion, snacks and connecting! 

The CoachActivism Project in Greece and Canada

We have an exciting connection with a TA project outside of South Africa. Karen Pratt has been approached to be part of the CoachActivism Project in Greece/ Canada, which has started in response to the refugee crisis in Europe. Read more about the project here.

TIFF Training – a practitioner’s perspective

We were privileged to have Lieuwe Koopmans and Leona Bishop from the Netherlands here to train practitioners in becoming providers of TIFF (Temple Index for Functional Fluency). Savannah Steinberg describes her experience of the first module here:

Next Event: Exploring connections between TA and Constellations

Please join us for our next Community of Practice event, taking place in Cape Town and Johannesburg (partly virtual, partly separate in the two locations). Topic: Exploring the connections between Transactional Analysis and Constellations

Spreading the word about TA…

One of our goals this year is to make TA more available through media in South Africa, and our new Exec Committee member Layo Seriki has made a great start by publishing an article about communication in the wellness magazine. Read her article here:

People of the SATAA – Interview with Sharon Kalinko

In each newsletter, we interview one person of our community who uses TA in their field. This time we interview Sharon Kalinko (TSTA), who chaired the SATAA for several  years. We interview her regarding her experience with TA, and – since she has been working with TA in South Africa for many years – asked […]

Join us for our 2016 AGM – contribute to the SATAA!

We are holding our AGM on the 17th March 2016 in CPT and JHB (via skype) – please join us!

People of the SATAA – interview with Marguerite Sacco-Turner

Every few months, we interview a person of the SATAA to get more insight into who is part of our community. This time, we interview Marguerite Sacco-Turner.

Exciting offering: Become a TIFF accredited practitioner

We are very excited to announce that in 2016, a group of South Africans have the opportunity to become accredited TIFF practitioners. What is TIFF? It is the Temple Index of Functional Fluency. The Functional Fluency model of human social behaviour for mapping behavioural patterns, has been researched and created by Susannah Temple. It is […]

Trauma and Recovery: A one-day workshop for NGOs

Hosted by Valley Development Projects, Joanna Beasley and John Baxendale will soon generously donate their time to give a free workshop that will help participants understand how shock and trauma affect both mind and body, and sometimes keep us trapped in the past.

People of the SATAA – interview with Judith Haupt

Every few months, we interview a person of the SATAA to get more insight into who is part of our community. This time, we interview Judith Haupt, Vice Chair of the SATAA.

Our first COP event in Cape Town

    We had our first Community of Practice event in Cape Town at the end of May – it felt like a big milestone in terms of our development this year, as it was our first physical engagement with members and people interested in TA. Rather than describing the event ourselves, we asked two people […]

People of the SATAA – Interview with Alex van Oostveen

Every few months, we interview a person of the SATAA to get more insight into who is part of our community. This time, we interview Alex van Oostveen, the new Secretary of the SATAA.

TA in the community: a report by Wayne Singh

Equipping for Change in an ever Evolving Planet by Wayne Singh The pace at which an organisation is able to evolve itself is highly dependent upon the people within that organisation’s ability to cope with change. Change is inevitable given that we live and operate within an ever changing world. Our world at every level […]

People of the SATAA – Interview with Karen Pratt

In the next few months, we will be interviewing different people of the SATAA. For our first interview, we chose Karen Pratt, the new Chair of the SATAA. Read more about her here.

SATAA Strategy and getting involved

The SATAA has a new Board – Karen Pratt as Chairperson, Judith Haupt as Vice-Chairperson, Alex van Oostveen as Secretary and Janet King as Treasurer are busy with some changes for the SATAA and the wider TA community. As a first step, they developed a strategy for the SATAA for the year to come. Would […]

SATAA awards Honorary Lifetime Membership

SATAA awards Honorary Lifetime Membership to Joanna Beazley Richards, Richard Erskine and Trudi Newton for the generous contributions to the development of Transactional Analysis in South Africa Joanna Beazley Richards founded Wealden Psychology Institute in the South East of England, in 1986. Joanna has been a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst since 1995. She is […]