Sep 032015

Judith Haupt is a partner, facilitator, coach and consultant for CONTRACT SOUTH AFRICA, a business consultancy for organisational and human resource development.

Transactional Analysis provides both the philosophy and theoretical basis for Judith’s work. She uses TA models and tools in her facilitation of management and leadership seminars in Europe and South Africa. In addition to facilitating seminars, she leads organisational and team development processes in profit- and non-profit organisations. Her clients include Daimler AG Germany, Old Mutual, Mercedes Benz South Africa, the Table Bay Hotel and the Graduate School of Business in Cape Town.

Judith received her B.Ed. (Honours) and her Master of Education (Curriculum Development and Adult Education) from the University of Cape Town. Her passion is and always has been the development of people and organisations. She supports and challenges people to develop skills that enable them to identify and implement the best solution for themselves, their team and their organisation.

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