Honorary Lifetime Members


Richard G. Erskine

Richard G. Erskine, PhD, has served since 1976 as the Training Director at the Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy in New York City. He is a certified Transactional Analyst, a licensed Psychoanalyst , group psychotherapist and an internationally recognized Gestalt Therapist who trained with both Fritz and Laura Perls. He has twice received the prestigious Eric […]

Trudi Newton

Trudi Newton is a Educational TSTA, based in the UK, with a passion for radical approaches to learning and community development. For years I provided training in educational TA in the UK and Russia, and contributed to training programmes in several countries including South Africa. Now I only occasionally take part in TA training programmes […]

Joanna Beazley Richards

Joanna Beazley Richards founded Wealden Psychology Institute in the South East of England, in 1986. Joanna has been a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst since 1995. She is a Clinical Psychologist, and also has a Masters degree in Forensic Psychology. She is a qualified teacher, and has a specialist Diploma in teaching people with learning […]