Mar 142017

The webinar introduces participants to the idea of cultivation and its implications for practice.

The session is aimed at anyone who works with others in support of growth and learning. This might include coaches, educators and counsellors.

Participants will walk away with:

– an understanding of cultivation as a way of framing professional practice;
– an introduction to levels of competency through the work of Howells, (1982), Clarkson(1994),  and Barrow, (2011);
– integration of TA concepts of accounting and discounting with levels of competency and the role of the practitioner

Facilitator: Giles Barrow is a teacher, trainer, educator with experience in schools, adult and community education and TA training and supervision. He has written numerous articles and books on educational themes including relational aspects of teaching and learning, school culture and leadership, adolescence, script and learning and educational theory and philosophy. In addition to and combined with his professional educational work, Giles also runs a small farm in rural Suffolk, which is the base for teaching and learning amongst children, young people and adults.

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