Executive Committee



Karen Pratt TSTA (E)

Karen is passionate about connecting TA people around the world to develop a robust network of diverse TA professionals learning from each other. She is inspired by the positive philosophy of TA which gives people understanding and options of trying out new ways of being in the world.


Vice Chair

Alex van Oostveen (CCP)

Alex’s interest and energy lies in creating an engaged, modern and relevant online presence for SATAA. He is passionate about delivering exciting TA content to established and emerging practitioners, specifically in the field of coaching.



 Andrew Matthews

Andrew’s interest is in what happens in the spaces between us during the evolution of highly effective teams and communities. He is committed to being a part of the SATAA community in its evolution of valuable and transformational use of TA.



Layo Seriki

Layo loves structure and therefore enjoys learning, using and teaching TA-based models. She’s also in charge of keeping the SATAA’s accounts spreadsheets in order.