TIFF© Provider Licensing Training – Module 1



  • Date: 31/05/2019 - 01/06/2019
  • Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm


What is TIFF©?

  • TIFF© is a well-researched tool for personal and professional development, based on the Functional Fluency model.
  • TIFF© promotes the self-awareness and understanding that enhances emotional literacy.
  • TIFF© is a valuable tool for consultants, trainers, counsellors, coaches and psychotherapists.
  • TIFF© provides an innovative framework to help people bring about positive change.

The TIFF© Training:

  • The TIFF© Provider training process is designed to enable participants to meet the TIFF© licensing criteria so that they can deliver TIFF effectively in their respective professional contexts.
  • The training is friendly & interactive, consisting of workshops, discussions, practice, supervision and tutorials, flexibly designed to meet the group’s needs.
  • The training provides valuable personal and professional development for participants.

Module 1 (Group workshop days 1 & 2 of 4 training days):

The purpose of this Module is for participants to learn from own profiles to understand how and why the Functional Fluency model and TIFF© work as they do. Plan for working with coach/mentor.

Before start of training (Individual TIFF© Coaching Session):

  • Participants should have completed and discussed their own TIFF© profiles with a licensed provider before the training. Please contact Layo (layo.seriki@cielarko.biz) to arrange that, if you have not done a TIFF© before.

Between Module 1 & 2 (Buddy work & group supervision):

  • Preparation for practice clients, with support and supervision to ensure optimum learning.

What does it cost?

A total of R 12,000.00 (25% discount for SATAA members), including

  • 4 days training
  • own TIFF© coaching session
  • supervision
  • 3 practice TIFF© instances
  • initial licensing fee
  • teas/coffees and lunches during training days

For more information on this training, see here.

Who are the facilitators?

Lieuwe Koopmans

Lieuwe is a highly experienced trainer, coach, counsellor and organisational consultant based in the Netherlands. He works internationally as a trainer for Functional Fluency. Lieuwe is internationally endorsed as a TA trainer and supervisor (TSTA Organisational). In 2016, he trained the first group of TIFF© providers for South Africa.


Layo Seriki

Layo is one of the first TIFF© providers trained in South Africa in 2016. She is the managing director of CIELARKO Coaching & Consulting and has been using TIFF© with her clients for the past 2 years. Seeing the strong positive impact this tool is having on her work, she looks forward to growing the South African TIFF© provider network, as well as to learning from and working alongside Lieuwe during this training.


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