SATAA Webinar: Leona Bishop

SATAA Webinar: Leona Bishop


  • Date: 25/11/2020
  • Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

The webinar is about a case concerning a ‘facilitated’ process for building resilience within the Ministry of Social Development, Employment and Welfare (SOAW) on Curaçao using a combination of two models: the Resilience Doughnut and Functional Fluency and GoodHabitz (online) training. The leaders of the department of Social Development of SOAW believe that the improvement of individual and collective resilience within the department will lead to better provision of service to clients who are currently on welfare, and in turn empower clients to become more resilient themselves. All in all, contributing to more resilient communities.

The webinar is for everyone who is interested or (professionally) engaged in people development and/or team and organizational development.

Participants walk away with:
1. Insight into their own strategies when dealing with stress, challenges and adversity
2. An understanding of how Functional Fluency combined with the Resilience Doughnut and conscious, repeated practice of more effective habits will lead to building resilience
3. Ideas to implement in their own practices.

Leona Bishop is a CTA student in Organisational field, Functional Fluency coordinator and trainer in the Caribbean, and an organisation and leadership development coach. Working with Functional Fluency and TIFF© has greatly increased her own personal and professional effectiveness. She loves to share her learning and enable coaches and other professionals to continue to grow in their professional roles. That is why she introduced Functional Fluency in the Caribbean in 2016 and since then has trained 12 professionals to become licensed TIFF Providers. These TIFF Providers are currently working together in the case this webinar is about.

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