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2016 Webinar 1 Evelyne Papaux – The Permission Wheel

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Nov 082016

The permission wheel offers a useful model to support educational professionals, it can :

  • Give value to and reinforce the educator’s strategies,
  • Help them explain the preventive dimension of their actions to parents, colleagues, hierarchy and society,
  • Enable educators to name their interventions in term of permission.

How can we offer a protective, and at the same time, permissive environment, aiming at preventing unhealthy script formation, and facilitating autonomy, expanding children’s integrating Adult?

Helene Smuts

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Sep 032015

Helene is one of the partners of CONTRACT SOUTH AFRICA, a business consultancy for organisational and human resource development.

Helene is a certified coach, mentor and trainer, and has completed projects in the profit and not for profit sector both nationally and internationally. Her clients include Mercedes Benz South Africa, Old Mutual, Sanlam and the Raymond Ackerman Academy. Transactional Analysis provides both the philosophy and theoretical basis for Helene’s work. She specialises in the development and facilitation of programmes regarding leadership development, customer service, coaching as well as change management initiatives. She is currently building up the Johannesburg Office of CONTRACT SOUTH AFRICA.

Helene received her Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm.) in Tourism Management and B. Comm. (Honours) in Industrial Psychology from the University of South Africa. She then gained years of experience in the tourism industry as an HR generalist before moving into an external coach and consultant role.

Judith Haupt

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Sep 032015

Judith Haupt is a partner, facilitator, coach and consultant for CONTRACT SOUTH AFRICA, a business consultancy for organisational and human resource development.

Transactional Analysis provides both the philosophy and theoretical basis for Judith’s work. She uses TA models and tools in her facilitation of management and leadership seminars in Europe and South Africa. In addition to facilitating seminars, she leads organisational and team development processes in profit- and non-profit organisations. Her clients include Daimler AG Germany, Old Mutual, Mercedes Benz South Africa, the Table Bay Hotel and the Graduate School of Business in Cape Town.

Judith received her B.Ed. (Honours) and her Master of Education (Curriculum Development and Adult Education) from the University of Cape Town. Her passion is and always has been the development of people and organisations. She supports and challenges people to develop skills that enable them to identify and implement the best solution for themselves, their team and their organisation.

Sep 032015

Phil is one of the partners of CONTRACT SOUTH AFRICA, a business consultancy for organisational and human resource development.

Phil trained as consultant with Deloitte’s Human Capital practice in the UK before he ran his own management and organisational development consultancy in the UK and Europe for 10 years. His clients have included some of the largest UK and global organisations (e.g. Marks & Spencer, Deloitte LLP, Linklaters LLP, Gap, HSBC). In South Africa, he has worked for and with the UCT Graduate School of Business, Mercedes Benz South Africa, Deloitte, as well as the New Apostolic Church. He specialises in change management, leadership, personal and career development within the corporate and not-for profit world, and Transactional Analysis forms one of the theoretical foundations of his work. He is also a trained business coach, and an experienced designer and facilitator of group and individual development processes.

He obtained his Degree in BA Hons in English Literature and History, then gained many years’ experience as manager in retail, before moving into a learning and development role.

Our first COP event in Cape Town

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Jul 012015

IMG_2255    IMG_2256

We had our first Community of Practice event in Cape Town at the end of May – it felt like a big milestone in terms of our development this year, as it was our first physical engagement with members and people interested in TA. Rather than describing the event ourselves, we asked two people who were there to give us a brief description of their impression:

The first meeting of the new, revived SATAA in Cape Town was informal and purposeful. Good food, good wine, and good company enabled the emergence of good ideas around working with TA in South Africa. I look forward to more of this and to seeing TA have a positive impact on many individuals and organisations through the work of the SATAA.

Layo Seriki

IMG_2258     IMG_2257

I attended my first SATAA meeting on Friday  29 May 2015.  I would thoroughly recommend these meetings to anyone who is interested in sharing and deepening their knowledge around TA.  We had some really interesting discussions, ate very tasty snacks and laughed and learnt at the same time.
Alex van Oostveen invited us to participate in a practical exercise working with TA tools for coaching.  It is always a good sign when the time is up too soon and there are still more questions to ask and people that I would like to have spent time getting to know better.  I will definitely be going back for more of these sessions.

Veronica Wantenaar

Join us for our next workshop on the 28th August, at 26 Chiappini Street, De Waterkant. You can find more detail in our events calendar.

TA in the community: a report by Wayne Singh

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Jul 012015

Equipping for Change in an ever Evolving Planet
by Wayne Singh

The pace at which an organisation is able to evolve itself is highly dependent upon the people within that organisation’s ability to cope with change. Change is inevitable given that we live and operate within an ever changing world.

Our world at every level is changing fast, the mountains that govern society including Education, Arts, Business, Commerce, Politics and medicine are all rapidly changing and religion is certainly not immune. As people evolve, so too are our needs and requirements and as a lead minister of a local church leading people that functions in all facets of society at various levels,  I have recognised and identified the critical importance of changing the ‘old normal’ way of doing church. Without doubt, church as we have all become accustomed too is changing so fast that the pace is only going to increase and sadly many are going to be casualties of remaining static.

Enter ‘Transactional Analysis 101’ and here we have been introduced to a practical programme that possesses powerful tools that when placed into the stewardship of organisational leaders can provide a wonderful platform for developing emotional intelligence within the leaders individually as well as within the group collectively. The result of course is that when we are able to enhance and support the evolution of the leaders, we ultimately navigate the rudder and engine of the entire organisation which would build resilience in the ever changing world of Church and religion as well as foster team work at a more productive level than without having proven tools.

Having been introduced to parts of TA 101 during a Coaching Programme I was part of in 2014, I immediately recognised the value of being exposed with our church leaders would bring to our organisation and team dynamics. I contacted the facilitator Karen Pratt and we put together the TA 101 dates for February 2015 and the programme assisted our organisation with meaningful team building dynamics in a structured yet easy going environment where people were able to interact and express themselves with tremendous freedom. Of course the creative potential of the group surfaced in ways that has started too and will continue to drive us forward as a collective.  I certainly recommend this programme to all organisations that seek to build capacity for evolving and with great certainty I believe that church and other religious organisations can only benefit.

Our new tools learned in the TA 101 format to name a few:, Ego States, Theory of Communication and Theory of Patterns are being worked at a slower pace than we would prefer however it is a work well in progress and has set us firmly equipped on the highway of change to meet the ever increasing demands of the changing societies we serve.

Wayne Singh is lead Minister of Winners Faith Centre a Church based in Cape Town committed to empowering aspiration and vision with practical approaches from The Word of God.

SATAA Strategy and getting involved

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Apr 262015

The SATAA has a new Board – Karen Pratt as Chairperson, Judith Haupt as Vice-Chairperson, Alex van Oostveen as Secretary and Janet King as Treasurer are busy with some changes for the SATAA and the wider TA community. As a first step, they developed a strategy for the SATAA for the year to come. Would you like to get involved? Have a look at the strategy, and ways to get involved here: SATAA Strategy 2015

Karen Pratt TSTA (E).

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Apr 032015

Karen is a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst specialising in the Educational field. She also holds an ACC coach credential from the ICF, and is a coach trainer and supervisor and an Appreciative Inquiry facilitator and trainer. Her passion is in creating environments in which people grow in awareness and responsibility and re-discover their essence and purpose. She loves working with groups in which there is a rich diversity of life experiences.

She runs TA training groups in Cape Town and Durban, as well as using TA in custom-designed programmes in NGO’s, corporate and academic institutions. Some of her most enjoyable work has been with the Wellness Foundation, Ned Doman High School, Mercedes Benz SA, Jazzart Dance Company, SACS Junior School and UCT’s Graduate School of Business.

Karen regularly presents workshops and symposia at international TA conferences and has begun her second term as an ITAA Board member representing Africa.


Phone: 021 685 6940

Diane Salters TSTA (P) MSc

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Mar 032015

After an initial degree in South Africa , Diane left in 1968 for political reasons and did her further training in the UK . She returned in 1993 to be a part of building and healing the new South Africa.

She has been a Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA Psychotherapy) since 1985 and completed the Integrative Psychotherapy course at the Metanoia Institute, London in 1989. She has an MSc in TA Psychotherapy from Middlesex University ( via The Berne Institute) and is registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy.

She is fully qualified as a trainer and supervisor of TA students and practitioners and works both locally and internationally, offering supervision by skype. She serves as the external moderator for The Wealden Psychology Institute, UK.

Diane has over forty years’ experience in education and psychotherapy, working with young people and adults, individuals and groups in a variety of settings: schools, hospitals, community organizations and businesses.
Currently she works as a therapist with both individuals and couples, using TA, Family constellation work and Sandplay. She also offers coaching, training, supervision and the facilitation of group processes.

In 2012 Diane was elected to the position of Vice-President Research and Innovation on the Board of Trustees of the International TA Association.

Her passion is for healing across race and gender differences – to which end she is involved with diversity and gender reconciliation work.


Phone: 021 786 1910