Feb 072017

Hi there, I am Alex!

I spent my first 20 professional years as a pilot instructor in the South African Air Force (SAAF). I have flown over 3500 hours in a range of helicopters and training aircraft, amassing over 1000 hours of flying instruction. It was a privilege to fly numerous rescue missions, humanitarian work, aerial fire-fighting and security work inside and outside South Africa. My most noteworthy flight was with ex-president Nelson Mandela and having the honour of shaking hands with him! Additionally, a career highlight was the 4 years flying in the SAAF formation aerobatic team as both the number 3 and lead pilot.

Due to my SAAF leadership and training experience I focus my coaching on corporate leaders and and supervision on executive coaches.

Enabling people to function and cooperate successfully is my passion. Hence, I create an enabling space for my clients to think, feel and act effectively. Transactional Analysis is the foundation for how I work and think with my coaching, supervision and corporate clients. Furthermore using the philosophy of Appreciative Inquiry, I guide my clients towards positive and desired outcomes.


International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA) Regional Representative for Africa, Ethics Committee Co-chair.

SATAA Vice Chair.

COMENSA Supervision Portfolio committee member, Vice Chair for COMENSA Western Cape Chapter and COMENSA Credentialed Practitioner.

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