Nov 062019

Autonomy is a clearly stated goal of TA. As practitioners we encourage that quality in our clients, students and supervisees. The counterpoint of that is the need to belong (Homonomy) which has, perhaps been given less emphasis in TA theory. This webinar will explore these two concepts and why they are equally relevant to our work.

The webinar is aimed at anyone working with people and those interested in furthering their TA learning.
1) An understanding of Autonomy and Homonomy –
3) A framework for examining the nature of these concepts
across time and cultures.(TA and Spiral Dynamics)
4) An understanding of how they might apply these
concepts to their field of work.

About Di Salters

Di has been involved with TA for more than 40 years, in therapy, training and my professions – first as a teacher and then as a psychotherapist.
Her further trainings at Metanoia and elsewhere mean that she works as an Integrative psychotherapist, drawing on TA, Jungian theory, Sandplay and Family Constellation work.

Di also enjoys teaching and sharing TA theory with a range of people, from senior TA practitioners to grassroots workers in NGOs.

Di is currently past-president of the International TA Association.

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