Sep 042019

This webinar is an introduction to the 9 Enneagram personality types used in conjunction with the Script System in TA. This is useful for gaining a new perspective into treatment planning using the Script system as a diagnostic tool together with the Enneagram. The beauty of the Enneagram is that it helps to understand the underlying emotion governing the personality type and how this is manifested in behaviour and its outcome for the client. This enables the therapist/counsellor/coach/organisational specialist to assess the direction of the treatment process with regard to the setting in which it is used. It also helps gain an assessment of the mental health of the client and his/her ability to function in specific situations. This model can be used with individuals, couples, and teams. It is aimed at: psychologists, coaches, counsellors and organisational specialists who work with individuals on self-development, relationship issues and team coaching and counselling in any context. Participants will walk away with: 1. A new lens through which to view different personality types in terms of personal insight, relationships of all types and the optimum functioning of teams. 2. An ability to use the Script System for personal insight as well as treatment planning for the professional 3. An introductory understanding of the Enneagram Bio Sharon has been in private practice as a Counselling Psychologist specializing in TA since 1980, working with individuals, couples, groups, and families. She has been supervising and training Transactional Analysts in clinical applications since 1990 and have worked in many different contexts. My passion is personal growth and TA has always been my primary theoretical framework.

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