Aug 252019

Join us as we explore synergy and diversity with Sashi in our first webinar for 2019!

Sashi presents an holistic model for creating synergy with self, other and the environment. This interactive webinar takes a closer look at diversity and relationships within a transactional analysis framework.

Nitya Gurukula is the logical outcome of Sashi Chandran’s journey of 30 years in people work as an educator, a counsellor and a coach. She has been involved in developmental activities with diverse populations like women, student and teacher groups, cancer patients and their families, industrial workers, staff and senior managers. Using Transactional Analysis with diverse populations equipped Sashi to indigenize TA to suit the Indian psyche, tradition and ethos. Started in 2006 Nitya Gurukula is based on the humanistic and philosophical traditions of Guru Nitya Chaitanya Yati (of Narayana Gurukula).Nitya Gurukula is a private trust and service provider for holistic and sustainable human empowerment and transformation. Sashi and Nitya Gurukula team are motivating and facilitating the accessing of ‘The Guru Within’. Thus ‘The Guru Within’ in ‘Creating your future’ becomes a reality for individuals, families, schools, industries, social work departments in colleges and tribal women in South India.

Sashi Chandran, MA, MBA, TSTA (E), CTA (C) is the CEO of Nitya Gurukula. NG, with the Vision of the Guru Within offers people work services including counseling and training in counseling, transactional analysis and Tai Chi as well as empowerment workshops.

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