Oct 042018

The webinar presents the evolving principles, tools and methodology for a physics based approached to applying TA in the developmental fields, namely education, counseling and organizational.

The webinar can be attended by anyone who is familiar with the basic concepts of TA. TA trainers and trainees of all levels will benefit from the session.

At the end of the session, participants will be able to:
1. understand the relationship between values and physis
2. list three benefits of physis as the basis for applying TA
3. identify the manifestations of their own physis in their actions


C. Suriyaprakash, PhD, is a teaching and supervising organisational transactional analyst with a mission to ‘rehumanise workplaces’. He is committed to make an impact in organizational policies and practices by transforming them into spaces for people to realise their full potential, through his breakthrough initiative programme on ‘developmental transactional analysis for organisations’. Currently he is professor of organisational behaviour at Jansons School of Business and director-facilitator with Relations Institute of Development, Coimbatore, India, offering organisational development services through consultancy, training, coaching and counselling.

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