Aug 032018

This webinar will introduce participants to the research conducted by the presenter into how the coach’s unconscious mind influences the coaching process. During this webinar, the presenter will share the journey of discovery for both the researcher and participants and the emergent data that identifies the coach’s relationship not only with the external parties but also with the different parts of self. There will be an explanation of the research process during which the participants travelled from mental activity, reflecting on lived experience, perceptions and events to the exploration of mental process and constructs which are inferred discovered and translated into conscious awareness throughout the research interviews.
The webinar is aimed anyone who is interested in the power of the unconscious mind, although the focus is on coaching.

1. An understanding of the omnipresence of the unconscious mind
2. An experience which encourages reflection on our own practice
3. Tool and techniques for uncovering their unconscious process in relationships with clients

Sandra’s successful consultancy experience is in working with large organisations.  Specialising in the systemic introduction of coaching, coach training, and executive coaching, she works with individuals and teams to promote change, increase competence and improve performance in the workplace.  She has a wide and diverse client base in both the public and private sectors and she works both nationally and internationally.  Sandra works with individuals and teams to support enhanced performance through effective relationships.  Sandra is a Teaching & Supervising Transactional Analyst (Organisational).   She uses transactional analysis to develop her client’s understanding of the unique role that unconscious plays in how human beings interact, communicate and build relationships.

She Master Certified Coach Status with the International Coach Federation and in 2009.  Sandra has a Professional Doctorate (DProf)in Coaching Psychology

Clients who work with Sandra can expect to experience a robust framework for professional growth without rigid formulas.



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