Jun 062018

The webinar introduces the social roles triangle as a way of describing healthy development, and explore how it can become distorted into the drama triangle. We use different folk-tales to look at how cultural messages are passed on between generations, how we can challenge them and how we create positive TA models for change.
The webinar is aimed at everyone interested in new TA thinking and personal development.
Outcomes: participants will
• meet some recent TA concepts based on ‘positive metaphors’
• have the opportunity to explore the influence of cultural stories in our development
• consider how these ideas can enhance the work we do with clients

Trudi Newton TSTA-E works internationally to facilitate radical approaches to learning and community development. Co-author of several books, including TACTICS which looks in detail at the process of learning and teaching, her most recent is Educational Transactional Analysis: an international guide to theory and practice. Trudi has guest-edited two issues of TAJ, on Education and on TA Training. She contributes to training programmes in several countries including South Africa. In 2011 she received the Muriel James Living Principles Award from ITAA and in 2017 the EATA Gold Medal in recognition of her work in developing the educational field of TA.

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