Mar 182018

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This webinar is about the here and now relationship between coach-coachee, counsellor-client, teacher-pupil. We will research the ideas behind co-creative TA and translate them into daily practice. What do they mean for your work? How can you develop skills that will make you more able to gain benefits from the here and now relationship?

Topics explored are:
– Working without knowing
– Creating a timeless experience
– Speaking from your heart
– The necessity of humour
– The meaning of emotions and your body
– Empathy
– Being Aware

At the end of this workshop you’ll have:
– Gained insight in the backgrounds of co-creative TA and the relation with positive psychology
– Ideas how this can enrich your practice and what you need to develop
– Curiosity to learn more about it

The webinar is for everyone with an open mind, open heart and open attitude for development and learning.

Lieuwe Koopmans (1962) is a Dutch TSTA-O. He works as a coach, trainer and consultant. In 2016 he was in South Africa twice, where he introduced the Functional Fluency model and the TIFF (Temple Index for Functional Fluency). He has written several books on TA. One of them has just been translated into English: This is me-becoming who you are with Transactional analysis’.

Trudi Newton reviewed: ‘I love this book. Why? I love stories, drama and theatre, and Lieuwe Koopmans presents a lively and original take on Transactional analysis concepts by creating an engaging theatrical metaphor.’ (sherwood publishing)

His latest book (in Dutch) is called ‘This is who we are-The power of the encounter’.

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